The Plot: Release Week (ARC) Review

I really loved the plot of The Plot (dude, I know). It follows an author, Jacob Finch Bonner, who kind of made a name for himself with his first novel, but that was years ago. At the beginning of the story, he is making due by being an adjunct writing professor at a low-rent, low-residence MFA program. It is there that he hears the most amazing story line from a student who is reticent to share his work with other students — and his professor. He knows what he has is a best seller, and Jacob knows he is right when his student finally shares (with just him) the novel he is working on. A few years go by with Jacob sinking lower and lower after the writing program decides to go from low-res to online. He sometimes wonders why his wunderkind student hasn’t made the news yet, only to find that the student has died, apparently before writing the novel.

So what is Jacob to do? Write the book himself, of course. He justifies this because even with a story idea in place, different authors would write different stories (an argument I couldn’t help but agree with), but he still knows that he would immediately get blacklisted if anyone knew the truth, though, so he keeps it too himself, especially when the story does become an instant success. The novel brings him fame, a place on Oprah’s couch, and a new stalker — one who says they know exactly what Jacob has done.

I’m not a super sleuth when it comes to mystery novels. I love them and can usually figure them out (but sometimes not until right before it is actually revealed). I figured out the who and the general why about 20% of the way into this one (correctly on both counts), but finding out the details of it all still made for a really fun, original story. I especially liked the way pieces of Jacob’s(/his student’s) novel, The Crib, made its way into this novel. I was slightly bummed by the ending, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it.

Overall, this was really fun. The story was quickly paced, I loved the snippets of the novel within the novel, and it felt like a fresh story. The Plot’s plot was definitely a good one.

*ARC Review — Thoughts my own (yada, yada)* 

Release Date: Tuesday, May 11th 

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