What I’m Excited For: Week of 1.29.19

I spend an exorbitant amount of time looking at upcoming releases in both books and movies. I’ve been wanting to create a new weekly post for Natflix&Books for awhile and decided this would be perfect for the blog. On Tuesdays I’ll be featuring not just what is being released into the world of books each week, but also the movies you can look forward to on both DVD and in the theater each week (although, to be fair I am going to focus on the releases that I’m looking forward to). So without further ado, here’s what I’m excited for this week.

Book Releases

Death Prefers Blondes by Caleb Roehrig

A teen Californian socialite leads a double life as a cat burglar. I’m super excited for this one.

The Dead Queens Club by Hannah Capin

This took me a few weeks to get through. I enjoyed it, but it was a bit too long and went a bit off the rails, but worth snagging from the library.

The Lonely Dead by April Henry

A girl who can see dead people becomes the prime suspect in her ex-best friend’s murder. I really enjoyed April Henry when she came to my old school to speak (and sat at the table I was working at in the school library during my planning period before she spoke), but I rarely actually enjoy her writing.

DVD Releases



I’m so excited for this movie about a German ballet school which is hiding a dark secret full of witchcraft and murder.

New In Theaters

None of note…February is always a weak month.

That’s what I’m excited for this week. Are you looking forward to any of these books or films? 



2 thoughts on “What I’m Excited For: Week of 1.29.19

Add yours

  1. The Lonely Dead and death Prefers Blondes both look great. I’ve been seeing Blondes around quite a bit. And I haven’t read April Henry yet although I’ve glanced at her books a few times. Maybe this one…


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