What I’m Excited For This Week: 11.13.18

I spend an exorbitant amount of time looking at upcoming releases in both books and movies. I’ve been wanting to create a new weekly post for Natflix&Books for awhile and decided this would be perfect for the blog. On Tuesdays I’ll be featuring not just what is being released into the world of books each week, but also the movies you can look forward to on both DVD and in the theater each week (although, to be fair I am going to focus on the releases that I’m looking forward to). So without further ado, here’s what I’m excited for this week.

Book Releases

Pulp by Robin Talley

This is a story of two queer teens living 60 years apart, one in the 1950s and one in the present. I’ve only read one book by Robin Talley, but I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to this one.

Your Own Worst Enemy by Gordan Jack

Election by Tom Perrotta is one of my all-time favorite books, so I’m about hesitant about this novel that follows three candidates in a high school election. The reviews I scanned all say it’s hilarious, though, and that is exactly the type of book I’m looking for right now.

How She Died, How I Lived by Mary Crockett

Five girls are sent a text by a boy they all know. Only one responds, and he ends up raping and murdering her. The story follows one of the girls who didn’t answer and the survivor’s guilt she is living with.

The Lying Woods by Ashley Easton

After his father embezzles millions from his employee’s retirement accounts and skips town, a teen boy must come home from boarding school for his senior year and deal with the fall-out of her father’s actions.

DVD Releases

The Meg

I was ridiculously excited for this movie and am a bit disappointed in myself for not seeing it in the theater. Regardless, this looks like the perfect meaningless puff I need after grading essays and writing report card comments all weekend.


I actually think this wolf meets boy Ice Age friendship movie looks kind of lame, but my husband wants to see it…

In Theaters This Weekend

Frantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

I didn’t really like the first movie all that much, but I’ve heard this is supposed to be a bit darker. I’m definitely excited to see Jude Law’s Dumbledore.


This follows four women with nothing in common besides the need to pay off the debt their dead criminal husbands have left behind. This is co-written by Gillian Flynn. I’d watch paint dry if someone told me she wrote it (for at least a few minutes).

Well that’s what I’m excited for this week. Are you looking forward to any of these books or films?


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