Why, Publishers, Why?! (11)

My biggest pet peeve is when beautiful HBs turn into lackluster PBs. I completely understand that publishers may choose to change the cover due to various reasons, low sales especially, but the thing for me is: I don’t buy new hardcover books. I can’t afford them, and I just simply prefer soft covers. Trade PB has always been my preferred format. So when I’m salivating over a HB cover only to have it change before it comes out in PB, it makes me CRAZY. Publishers would probably make MORE money on PB sales if they kept the amazing HB covers! (Man, it’s been forever since I’ve done one of these! I had to go back months to see what number I was on.)

That’s why I call this post:

Why, Publishers, Why?!
Today’s Pick: The Season by Jonah Lisa and Stephen Dyer

It’s not like I’m super in love with the HB, but I despise this redesign on a deep level for some season. I hate those shoes, for one, but more I think it is just one of the most generic covers I’ve literally ever seen. The cover line is better on the original, and the “she’s sporty” is better portrayed on the original. The grass on the high heels don’t say “soccer” to me, they say: “I accidently wore the wrong shoes to an outdoor wedding.” When I was perusing B&N the other day to look for a single book to snag as a pick-me-up, this would have been the winner if it would have kept it’s original cover because this is one I’ve been meaning to read, but I just don’t want this PB on my shelf.


Which one do you prefer? The HB or the PB? Neither?  Sound off below!

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