TTT: Freebie Week (Favorite Female-Driven Comedies)

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The top ten favorite female driven comedies
There are very few genres of movies I like more than a female-driven comedy. For this freebie week I’ve decided to focus on a few favorites.
Mean Girls
As most of you know, I’m sure, the incomparable Tina Fey wrote the script based on the nonfiction book Queen Bees and Wannabes (which is actually a great book if you are a teenage girl, mother, or teacher). Favorite line:
I clearly remember going to the theater to see this with two of my girlfriends, and then quoting it for about a solid year afterwards. Favorite line:
Legally Blonde
I’ve always been a huge fan of Reece Witherspoon and I love that this movie showcases her comedy chops. Favorite line in response to “You got into Harvard Law?”:
Bridesmaids isn’t the first raunchy female driven comedy, but it is certainly one of the more popular ones. The chemistry between Kristen Wiig and Mya Rudolph drive this comedy, while Melissa McCarthy steals the show. Favorite scene: when Kristen Wiig and Rose Byrne fight to show who is closer to the bride during their speeches.
Pitch Perfect
This movie is so silly, but it makes me giggle every time I watch it (which is more often than I’d like to admit). Favorite line:
Easy A
As you’ve probably gather by most of my choices so far, I tend to like movies that have unusual source materials–like this updated idea of shaming girls/women with a “scarlet letter”. Favorite line:
Heathers is a dark-ass movie. I first watched this one the stairs of my house through the slates when my sister and mom were watching it and I was deemed too young. Lol. I LOVED Christian Slater and Winona Ryder back in the 80s, and this movie was the basis of an obsession with mean girls that Hollywood and YA authors still hold dear. Favorite line:
Bring It On

I was truly not prepared for this movie to be as witty as it is. I went in thinking I was going to get another ditzy teen girl movie and ended up giggling my way through the entire film. Favorite scene: the opening cheer, which turns out to be a dream.
It’s a tall order to make a movie about teen pregnancy both funny and touching, but Juno pulls it off beautifully. I adore Juno. I wish I would have had a friend like her growing up (sans teenage pregnancy). Favorite line:
Drop Dead Gorgeous
A mockumentary following girls in small town America during a beauty pageant. I adore this movie. So funny. Favorite contestant: Leslie as played by Amy Adams

That’s it for me. What are some of your favorite female-driven comedies? What topic did you choose for your freebie week? Link me up!
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18 thoughts on “TTT: Freebie Week (Favorite Female-Driven Comedies)

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  1. I just saw Pitch Perfect for the first time a few months ago, and became obsessed with it. I think I watched it 3 times in a week! Juno and Clueless are favorites as well.


  2. Ahhh this is brill!! These are some of my favorite movies ever, but I definitely think Legally Blonde has the top spot right now! Could definitely use a day to hunker down and watch these, marathon style! thanks for stopping by my blog earlier 🙂


  3. I haven't seen Mean Girls but if Tina Fey wrote it I definitely want to see it!

    I remember Heathers vaguely- i love 80's movies so I should probably watch it again at some point.


  4. I don't watch many films, but I've seen the majority of these so I feel like I must be doing something right! I kept hearing brilliant things about Heathers and then it was referenced in Ernest Cline's 'Ready Player One': I think that's one that I'm definitely going to get hold of.
    Great choice for a list!


  5. I FREAKING LOVE THIS LIST. It has most of my favorite movies of all time! Great pick and I love that it was original and non-bookish♥

    Here's My TTT
    if you'd like to check it out! 🙂

    Jumana @ Books by Jay
    PS, I'm a new follower of yours♥


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